Kate was introduced to the culture of wine early in her childhood, when her parents Carol and Pat Boyle moved the family to Germany. Weekends found the Boyles exploring the German countryside for vineyards. When they would spot a house among those vines, they’d drive up, knock on the front door, and ask to taste the family’s personal production. Until adulthood, Kate took for granted that the welcoming smiles and broken English/German invitations into private homes was exceptional.

The doors were always opened wide, room was made at the dinner table to accommodate the unannounced strangers, and wine, carried up the cellar stairs by Kate and her sister Shannon, flowed freely. Germany also introduced Kate to the flavors and comforts of wine. In the winter months the evening street fairs were set up, twinkling lights adorned every booth, and the smell of hot spiced glühwein promised her good flavors, smells, thawed fingers, and a warm belly.

 Through the years, Kate was encouraged to sample wine with dinner, and it was then that she listened to her parents discuss characteristics, flavors, and sensations. Most often she paid attention to the stories and memories recalled which the wine would invoke. Kate was not born into a winemaking family, but being part of a family of wine lovers taught her how to appreciate it on many more levels than simply taste.

Attending high school in France afforded more opportunity to learn from the families who truly live the life of wine. While being a 16 year old in Paris mostly made Kate appreciate Kronenbourg beer and Kir Royals, Pat and Carol continued to emphasize to their daughter that growing wine was not simply a means to an end product. It was about a healthy, family driven, cooperative effort which taught respect, patience and appreciation.

The year 1999 presented Kate with the opportunity to embrace the lifestyle she grew up admiring and coveting. Having secured work at a Sierra Foothills Winery, Kate sought out the Winemaker and proposed to him that she volunteer on the crush pad.

A friendship and mutual respect ensued, where Kate was encouraged and given the tools to follow her instincts, hone her palate, and trust in her enthusiasm.

By 2004 Kate found herself in the enviable position of Winemaker to select small brands, having developed a reputation for a dedicated work ethic, exceptional pallet, and confidence to rely on her intuition. That sensitivity led Pat and Carol to follow their dream of planting a wine crop on their Napa Valley acreage, ensuring that Kate would be able to apply those instincts at the roots.

The Boyle MacDonald Cabernet Sauvignon is a reflection of a continued pursuit of composure, and deference to nature. Kate’s focus is to assist the grape in creating a product of true quality, and to share her own family’s hard work, as so many families have shared with her.