Welcome to our family owned and personally tended vineyard located on the East slope of the Mt. George Range in Napa, California. This hillside vineyard sits above Wooden Valley Road, in Napa County’s southeast corner.

Facing East-Southeast and with considerable slope, the vineyard benefits from excellent drainage, consistent morning and midday sun throughout the year, and prevailing winds from both the Grizzly Bay Basin/Suisun Bay to the south and direct ocean winds from the west. Canopy management is dictated by the growing season to assure dappling of sunlight for perfect maturation
without shrivel.
Its positioning along the Atlas Peak/Mt George ridge line provides shelter from the coastal fog resulting in earlier budbreak, followed by harvest at a reasonable brix.  The result is fruit that ripens evenly without raisining, yielding a commanding yet elegant style.

The vineyard is planted to two clones of Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon (CS 191 and CS 341) while 8% of the vineyard is planted to Borbeaux Cabernet Franc (CF 214).

3 ft x 4 ft spacing requires every aspect of the vineyard to be hand tended. This spacing, which is approximately 3 times as dense as the average vineyard, encourages competition among each vine to yield the most desirable fruit in the vineyard. Yield per vine is low–total cluster weight averages less than 2 pounds per vine. The clusters themselves are high quality Napa Cabernet. Unlike valley floor fruit, which is highly fertile alluvial soil, our Cab sits on the Napa hillside forcing vines to reach their roots deeper into the nutrient rich sedimentary layers.  Due to this struggle, small berries, loose bunches, and concentrated flavors occur naturally without shrivel or over- extraction.

Feel free to contact us with any questions: craig@boylemacdoanld.com or kate@boylemacdoanld.com