In describing our lifestyle we can begin with Craig.  His love of food and wine is rooted in Sunday dinners: the grandson of Italian immigrants, Craig enjoyed traditional family dinners each week prepared by his Nana, Mother, and several aunts in the Silver Lake district of Providence, Rhode Island. The food, the discussions, the laughs, and the lively Italian neighborhood made an indelible impression on Craig resulting in a true passion for the dinner table as the center of family and cultural life.

Armed with this love of food, wine, and culture, Craig, at the urging of some like-minded friends, moved to San Francisco. Upon arriving he quickly realized that San Francisco and its surrounding geography was the perfect location for his other passion, outdoor education and advocacy.  Immediately Craig became an activist in the community volunteering with a number of nonprofit organizations including Green Belt Alliance and Environmental Traveling Companions (ETC).

His environmental and social endeavors introduced him to the woman who would become his wife, as Kate too was a social worker in the City. Before long they began to explore Northern California together, both in a volunteer capacity and for personal enrichment.

Discovering Calaveras County

Craig first traveled to Calaveras while volunteering with ETC, staying the night in the town of Arnold.  He was delighted to see and feel a location ripe with potential.  A laid back way of life focused on outdoor activity and with a growing wine industry, Craig quickly recognized an area where he and Kate could live, work and play.   A couple of years later, the two relocated to this one-of-kind Sierra Nevada Foothill County.



Immediately Kate jumped at the opportunity to enter the winemaking community, while Craig expanded his outdoor resume becoming a ski instructor at Bear Valley Mountain Resort.  Soon, though, Craig too was lured into the wine world and transferred his energies to wine sales and marketing.  Quickly gathering a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to get the grapes to the table, alongside Kate, Craig now applies that knowledge to the vineyard  and the winery.

The Sierra Foothills

Many times the question has been asked, “Why do you take your fruit out of Napa?”  The answer is simple, we want the best for us and our family, and that includes world class Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Napa combined with the incredible lifestyle Calaveras County has been able to provide.  The Sierra Foothills offer outstanding weather, world class rivers, big mountain skiing, extensive trails for running and biking, and some excellent golf courses.  Add to that a wine industry that produces some excellent wines and continues to grow and improve, Calaveras County and the greater Sierra Foothill Region can certainly be considered a gem.



Kate and Craig support their outdoor environment.  The video is of the Arnold Rim Trail.  Ride it and enjoy the nearby restaurants, wine tasting rooms, and bars when your day is finished.